I help small businesses

When you’re already working long hours to make your business its best, the thought of dealing with new software leaves you with a cold chill running down the center of your spine.

What if you had the knowledge and the guidance to find the perfect software that gives you the feeling of eating at your favorite restaurant? Comfortable, familiar, and made just right, for you.

Why, The Software Junkie ?

I want you and your employees to enjoy the work they do and the software they use every day. I want all of you to get home on time with a smile on you face and enjoy dinner around the table together with your families.  It is my mission to take a ground up approach to learning your business as if I were a new employee, and dig into what the problems within the business are, and where is time being drained.

Right now your best bet for finding new software or replacing bad software is to do your own research and hope you understand what all the features mean and what is or isn’t included. At best you will find a few sites that post reviews about the software and may even blindly pick one sight unseen.

The one thing that drives me crazy is how many salespeople don’t care about you and how they can help your business thrive. They want you to buy so they can move on a do more selling. I want to help be your middle man, your buffer, that says “woah hold on, we have some questions” or “why does your software work this way?”

Probably just like you, I started my own business because I wanted a touch of freedom. I wanted to be able to live on a beautiful piece of property away from the city but still feel connected with great people. I have a constant urge to learn and by discovering how your business works and what software I can discover for you lets me work the way I want to work. I also want to be able to grab my laptop and take a trip with my wife and not have to worry about making it back to the office on Monday.

Who is The Junkie ?

I am a coffee chugging, beard wearing nerd, who devours software for a living.

I get this itch under my skin where I have to check out new software. I have to know what makes it tick, and to know what’s inside. I also love to have a conversations with small business owners, like you, and find out what makes your business great.

I think it was a clear sign back in the 90’s when my friends would all be playing video games, and I would be learning how to use Photoshop 1.0, or building my first website. I was a little bit different.

I was a problem solver, and I always loved a challenge.

That drive hasn’t changed.

What I do great

  • Walk into a business that I have no experience in, and quickly understand the core concepts of what makes it run.
  • Notice what is similar about your business to other industries and how common practices from those industries can help you.
  • Quickly identify inefficiencies or areas in your business that could be helped by a little bit of software.
A little about me

I was always a tinkerer. I would take apart things and try to put the back together. As a pass time my mom would bring home old typewriters, copy machines and printers. I would dismantle them all the way down to the last screw to see how they worked. My mind always wanted to know how things worked.
Now in my professional career, I am returning to my good old days of taking those machines apart, only this time its software and small businesses. By taking apart the business and getting down to the last screw and gear, I can see how things should be put back together to be more efficient, and where software will improve performance of the business and happiness of everyone in it.

A lot about me

My first memories on a computer had to have been when I was two or three years old. I played Frogger. All the time!

My parents had bought the original Macintosh back in 1984. I remember it had no hard drive for saving or running applications. It had a floppy drive that I had to switch out each time I wanted to play a different game.

At this point I couldn’t really consider myself a computer nerd, but it quickly paved my interest in all things tech.

I survived by that original Macintosh until I was 7 years old and got a PC of my very own. A Packard Bell Legend (yes the telephone company). It’s been called one of the worst computers ever made, but I worked that thing all day, every day!

Right about the time I turned 12, I took a major leap. I made my first home-built computer. With help of my uncle and parents, I found all the bits and pieces I needed and hooked it all together in a gigantic, three foot tall case. I called it the monolith. That case now resides at an old friend’s house as a base for a coffee table.


Throughout high school and up through college, my focus was always around computers, technology, software and creativity. My associates degree was in web development and my bachelor’s degree from the University of Santa Cruz was in Film and Digital Media (go slugs!)

Straight out of college I landed at a small film studio in town and built my way up from an assistant to the managing editor and chief technician. Every step of the way I was still tinkering, learning and piecing things together to make something great.

If your business is successful but is struggling to grow because software is holding you back, or everything you are doing is so manual that you need to figure out how to automate a little bit, book a session with me. It’s $140 and an hour out of your day to discover a huge return on both time and potential profit.